Power Clean Ultimate Set


Save time, money & the life of your flooring with the Baker’s Proven Products Ultimate Set. This package includes our refillable Spray Mop, 12 machine washable microfiber pads, a gallon our specially formulated natural stone cleaning concentrate plus our Travertine, Limestone and marble etch removal kit. This set is the perfect for regular cleaning and DIY etch removal and repair to extend the life and shine of your natural stone floors. About the bundle:

Spray Mop:

  • 20 oz. replacement bottle
  • Removable dispensing bottle with wide opening is easy to clean and to refill
  • 18″ hook-and-loop frame, 20 oz. bottle and 54″ handle
  • No batteries needed
  • Made in USA

Microfiber Pads (12-Pack):

  • Looped end fibers reduce drag when used wet
  • Washable up to 200 times
  • Lighter weight than wet mop heads

Natural Stone Cleaner Concentrate (1 Gallon)

  • Our specially-formulated cleaning concentrate is designed specifically for natural stone, including travertine, marble, slate and limestone.
  • Formula contains no acids or other chemicals that will damage the polished surface of porous stones like marble and travertine, so there’s no etching or dulling of the finish like you can get from typical commercial cleaners like CLR and LimeAway.

Travertine, Limestone and Marble Etch Removal Kit

  • Professional grade abrasives and cleaning pads
  • Great for travertine, marble and limestone.
  • Use on floors, counters and walls to remove etches and restore the natural beauty of the stone.

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